0 FMM Seminar on The Essentials of Import and Export, Transit and Transhipment Procedures, Plus the latest SST Rules
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FMM Seminar on The Essentials of Import and Export, Transit and Transhipment Procedures, Plus the latest SST Rules
Date : May 14-15, 2024
Time : 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Venue : Johor Bahru - Hotel Grand Paragon Johor Bahru
Country : Malaysia

This seminar would gives a detailed explanation and guide on the legislative requirements of import, export, Transit and Transshipment plus the latest SST Rules which took place on2023 and 2024. It deals with the correct legal procedures which importer; exporter must apply in order to avoid making mistakes which can be very costly to bear.

The facilitator shall provide an in-depth explanation on the latest Sales and Service tax rules in particular on import duty and sales tax exemption on import/local purchase of raw materials, components, packing and packaging materials, manufacturing aids and clean room equipment as well as machinery, equipment and spare parts, impact of sale tax on different types of buyer (SST/ Trading co/ LMW/FZ/ Oversea/ Duty Free Islands).

Participants are able to tap the comparative cost advantages of ASEAN Free Trade Agreement amongst the 10nations (ATIGA) and ASEAN Free Trade Agreements signed with partner countries which can contribute to cost saving by paying 0% or 5% import duties on raw materials, machinery, equipment, spare parts and finished goods.

Importers/ exporters/ manufacturers are taught about their legal rights and how to exercise their rights when face with unreasonable queries from the Customs department. It highlights the latest procedures on Classification, Valuation, Customs Ruling, e-review and Customs Appeal Tribunal. Last but not least, it also deals with issues such as unjust/unfair claims lodged by the Customs department & suggestions to overcome these problems.

Additional topics are included in the 2days’ training. These are: 6 Principles of Valuation and Post Clearance Audit. Trainer delves into the Valuation methods adopted by Royal Malaysian Customs and how it affects the import value declared by importer and the consequences of incorrect declaration.

How the use of different INCOTERMS and transfer pricing in your contract of sale may affect the import value. Post Clearance Audit brings about the role of Customs Auditor and types of documents to be audited. Responsibilities of a manufacturer and trader.

  Registration Fee (Per Participant)
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1 RM 1,350.00 RM 1,566.00
Registration Deadline: May 20, 2024
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