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Conference & Seminar

The Essentials of Import and Export Procedures & the Related SST Rules
Date : July 02, 2019
Time : 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Venue : Ipoh - Weil Hotel
Country : Malaysia


  • This course gives a detailed explanation on the legislative requirements of import and export plus the latest SST Rules which took place on 1.9.2018. It deals with the correct legal procedures which importer; exporter must apply in order to avoid making mistakes which can be very costly to bear.

  • In-depth explanation on the latest Sales and Service tax rules in particular on sales tax  exemption on import/local purchase of raw materials, components, packing and packaging materials and manufacturing aids

  • Participants are able to tap the comparative cost  advantages of ASEAN Free Trade Agreement amongst the 10 nations (ATIGA) and ASEAN Free Trade Agreements signed with partner countries which can contribute to cost saving by paying 0% import duties on raw materials and finished goods.

  • Way to overcome difficulties in obtaining MIDA tax exemption by using Drawback facilities provided under Section 99, Customs Act 1967 & Item 105 & 106, Customs Duties (Exemption) Order 2017.

  • Importers/exporters/manufacturers are taught about their legal rights and how to exercise their rights when face with unreasonable queries from the Customs department. It highlights the latest procedures on classification, valuation,ruling and Customs Appeal Tribunal. Last but not least, it also deals with issues such as unjust/unfair claims lodged by the Customs department & suggestions to overcome these problems.


  1. Understand & apply the correct procedures of import , export & SST for clearance of goods from Customs station
  2. Cost saving by preparing part of the Customs documentation without too much dependent on the forwarder;
  3. Tap  import duties @  0% offered by AFTA and ATIGA;
  4. Help importers & exporters  plan their sales & purchase more accurately & profitably by taking into account the element of customs duties & avoidance of paying more.

  Registration Fee (Per Participant)
No. of ParticipantsMemberNon Member
1 RM 530.00 RM 689.00
Registration Deadline: June 25, 2019
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