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FMM Press Statement: Industry Supports Tighter SOPs To Ensure Business Continuity and Welcomes Announcement on National Vaccination Plan

Kuala Lumpur,February 5, 2021– The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) supports the Government’sannouncement on the need to further tighten the SOPs and enforcement oncompliance to the SOPs to ensure that we can effectively and quickly break theincrease in Covid-19 infections as well as the rising number of workplace andmanufacturing clusters. Indeed, FMM has always advocated that it is a concertedeffort of both the public and private sector to break this chain of infectionsas we are all front liners in this fight against COVID-19, and each and everyone of us must have the collective responsibility to support the Government’scontinued efforts in flattening the COVID-19 curve while ensuring the economicwellbeing of the rakyat and thenation.

While the industry supports the need forthe Government to tighten the enforcement of SOP compliance and the need toexpand the number of agencies that would be involved in enforcement activitiesagencies beyond the police force such as RELA, the armed forces, MITI and thelocal councils, we request that the enforcement efforts be streamlined and are conductedaccording to standard guidelines and in accordance to the general SOPs thathave been announced for implementation nationwide. We also reiterate that ordersfor the immediate closure of businesses that are not in compliance to the SOPsand operating conditions must be taken with full consideration of some keychallenges faced by the industry including those that require the fullcooperation of other key stakeholders such as the local councils when it comesto compliance to Act 446 on housing of foreign workers.

The industry welcomes the furtherclarification on the Emergency Ordinance and some of the key actions that havebeen taken by the Government via the Emergency Management Technical Committeeincluding the proposed amendments to several Acts to tighten the SOPs andenforcement, asset takeovers and reorganisation of the necessary resources tosupport the public health services and further strengthen the efforts to fight Covid-19.

The industry also welcomes theannouncement on the national vaccination programme which is most crucial inthis battle against the pandemic. We hope that the plan will be rolled outexpeditiously and effectively.  We alsonote that phase three of the national vaccination plan will only commence inMay 2021 and this would cover the majority of those who are contributing to thenational economic growth. We request that this group be factored into thenational vaccination plan as they are crucial in supporting the business andeconomic recovery of the nation. In addition, as there have been little detailson the availability of the vaccines for non-Malaysians including when it wouldbe made available to them, we hope due consideration will also be given toforeign nationals including the foreign workers as they are also keycontributors supporting our economic activities and growth. There must also bean action plan to address the illegal foreign workers in the country as thisgroup is a big threat and risk to the nation. 

Lastly, the industry is disappointedthat the announcement by YAB Prime Minister yesterday did not include theopening up of the remaining economic sectors which were excluded from the listof essential services approved to operate earlier on such as the textile,apparel and footwear sectors and the entire supply chain including retail andother industries/sectors that may be indirectly supporting the essentialservices as well as major export oriented companies. These sectors are unableto remain closed over this extended MCO period which is hurting their businesstremendously.

Tan Sri Dato’ Soh Thian Lai

President, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

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