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FMM Malacca Branch Update on Water Issues in Melaka (MB/02/20)

 Updates on Water Issues in Melaka

This circular serves to inform members on the current water situation in Melaka based on the briefing that was conducted by Pn. Hanim binti Ghauth, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Syarikat Air Melaka ( SAMB) on February 6, 2020.

Due to the prolonged dry spell in the state, SAMB will be implementing Phase 2 of the water rationing exercise beginning Monday, February 10, 2020. Under the Phase 2 exercise,  water rationing will be carried out on every 24 hours of alternate days (ie. from 10am – 10 am of the following day). This will involve industries, hotels, shopping centers,  hospitals, government sectors and residential areas. Industrial Estates that will be affected under the Phase 2 rationing exercise are Ayer Keroh, Taman Tasik Utama, Batu Berendam FIZ, Bukit Rambai, Tangga Batu, Taman Teknologi Cheng, Krubong, Serkam Halal Hub and Rembia.

According to the Metrological Department, rainy days are only expected in Melaka at the end of March 2020. Based on the Water Services Industry (Water Reticulation and Plumbing) Rules 2014 ( Sect 50 (1) and 50 ( 2) , medium and heavy industries are required to have a water storage capacity of not less than two days of water demand based on the projected consumption patterns as specified in the Thirteenth Schedule.  SAMB also urged industries to have a contingency plan in view of the water shortage. The long term plans informed by SAMB toensure ample water supply in future are building of the Sungai Siput Treament Plant, expansion of Merlimau Water treatment facilities and building of the Jernih Dam.

How Industries Can Purchase Treated Water during the Rationing Exercise?

Companies need to go to Level 8 of Wisma Air SAMB (opens from Monday – Friday : 8.15am– 4.15pm) to purchase water at the standard industrial rates via coupons.Staff of SAMB will inform companies on the maximum amount of water that they are able to purchase in a day. Payment for coupons can be made at Wisma AirSAMB or at UTC: ( Monday – Friday : 8.15am – 4.15am, Saturday: 8.15am – 5.00pmand Sunday: 8.15am – 1.00pm). 

Where are the Feeder Plants Located?

  • Merlimau IndustrialEstate
  • Kelemak IndustrialEstate
  • Gadek Water TreatmentFacilities

 SAMB informed that additional feeder points will be added from time to time.

Companies may obtain updates from time to time at their Facebook page at 

or may join their WhatsApp Chat Group. For more information on the rationing schedule or to join the WhatsApp Chat Group, please contact Pn. Siti Hajar  (H/P no:  019-4125826)or En. Mohd Azizi (H/P no: 012-2622273) of SAMB.

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