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National Recovery Plan controls FMM expects to take educational enforcement against manufacturers

FMM In The News: GUANG MING DAILY, Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday, July 7, 2021 - The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) urges all government agencies that enforce laws against operating companies under the first and second phases of the National Recovery Plan and the Enhanced Action Control Order (EMCO) to adopt more educational and Consultative law enforcement, rather than aggressive and micro-picking errors, because this way the company will be fined immediately, and there is almost no opportunity and time to correct errors, especially minor negligence.

The president of the association, Tan Sri Su Tien Lai, issued a statement today, stating that the authorities have shown little sympathy for companies struggling to maintain operations. On the contrary, many law enforcement visits or inspections are aimed at finding the smallest errors in the premises, without considering the core degree of the related errors, that is, preventing the spread of coronavirus infection. Moreover, the manufacturer did not give the opportunity to correct errors and reassess compliance before being fined.


"In addition, there are other problems of uncoordinated law enforcement in raids, causing factories to have to face multiple raid inspections by different law enforcement agencies, some of which have different interpretations of the SOP and the approval of the Ministry of Trade and Industry."

The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers has previously received complaints from members, stating that law enforcement officers fined them for the smallest mistakes or slight deviations in the SOP for COVID-19. In fact, these mistakes were not intentional, but the law enforcement officers acted very hostilely. Attitude. As part of the new normal of business operations, compliance with SOPs has long been entrenched.

Su Tianlai pointed out that some minor substandards or real supervision under the standard operating procedures items, such as insufficient handrubs, unmarked entrances and exits and passages, failure to block non-operational production lines, etc., are all during the current period of complete lockdown. , Was used as a reason to deal with the company, and law enforcement forces could not actually identify other errors related to actual business operations.

"We reiterate that it is unacceptable for law enforcement officials to criticize minor issues in the SOP, and to impose fines and shut down companies based on different interpretations of the SOP, because this will cause fear and anxiety in the corporate world, especially within small and medium-sized enterprises. , Although their operations have been approved."

In addition, the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers once again stated that according to the Ministry of Health, factories are not the main source of infection. The data shows that most of the cases, especially the cases in 2021, are scattered cases and do not originate from workplace infection groups.

"We once again call on the government to focus on speeding up vaccination through the National Coronary Vaccination Program (PICK) and the Public-Private Industrial Immunization Program (PIKAS), especially in areas such as Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

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